Going out of Stealth: Remerge is my next Mobile Ad Tech Startup

I was quiet the last few months. The reason for this is that some stuff in my life have changed. I used the time in California to focus on a new Mobile Ad Tech Venture. And this project got some enormous dynamics.

OK, first you might wonder why I am writing in English? Too much Californian sun or too much cocktails at the beach? Maybe both? Well, the reason is that I want to share my story of founding and growing a young company to everybody. Also, we are from the beginning cooperating globally and want to become a world-wide leader in the thing we are doing – but let’s discuss this step by step 🙂

Defining the Problem

When going through all the current issues, challenges and problems of Mobile Advertising, we were looking at one big topic: App Retargeting. It’s obvious, that this area will be huge, if you just compare how big Online Retargeting got in a few years. But looking at the current state in mobile it’s still a mess, especially in the app ecosystem.

But why App Retargeting? This was already a topic in 2011, when companies claimed to have a solution. But it didn’t work due to several reasons, the biggest one being missing scale. Now a few years later the infrastructure has emerged with RTB even in Mobile. But if you look into the details it is still really inefficient.

An example: I want to retarget all my app users, who have done at least one purchase in my app with a personalized message offering a coupon.

How do I cluster those users?
How do I retarget them?
How do I track conversions?
And doesn’t those clusters need to update dynamically, if new users fit into the cluster?
And how do users directly jump into the personalized coupon app page?

There are some tools available to answer one of those questions and some bigger companies have been working on their proprietary tools. Inefficient manual work needs to be done during the process. There is even a process step currently existing, where millions of sensitive user IDs are sent via email to ad providers. Technology is missing to bring more efficiency and security into the space.

Enter remerge.io

We have looked deeply into each problem and each process step and our learning was: It is possible to create an integrated platform, which offers answers to all the questions. We started to build remerge.io, which covers the strategic area of app audience management & dynamic segmentation and the operating area of high-performing programmatic buying.

So now, to become the best app retargeting platform in the wold in the end, we are dedicated on scale, performance and security. We focus purely on app retargeting and nothing else (no cross-device, no mobile web).

Let’s get started.


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