5 Founders for Solving App Retargeting: Introducing the remerge Team

Who are the people behind remerge and why do we need 5 founders for a topic like app retargeting? I can promise you they are needed and my co-founders are some of the best persons I have ever met in my life.

First of all why 5 Founders?

The first thing that was clear to us: To become a relevant global player for app retargeting a crystal clear execution is a must. We will get killed, if we make too much mistakes. We are competing against companies, which will raise millions of dollars or which already have millions on their bank accounts. It will be a super tough playground.

Second thing that was clear to us: It is a tech topic. Many interfaces need to be connected to offer an integrated App Retargeting experience to the customer. We looked at all existing DSPs with Mobile Retargeting capabilities and no one convinced us: Too few queries per second, too manual, too static. Impossible to build a great app retargeting experience on top of this.

That means we must be fast and we must offer the best product – which we need to build completely ourselves.

“Challenge accepted”

I am happy to announce that we are a founding team of ad tech veterans (yes, we are all older than 30!) and 3(!) of us are top notch developers.

You know already me, so – in alphabetical order – please meet the team!

Benjamin Beivers

Benjamin Beivers

Having run the International Business Development for liquidm and madvertise Ben is one of the best connected person in the mobile advertising world. I worked with him in the past and I met him as one of the most loyal, honest and professional person – ever. He is now responsible for Sales and Marketing at remerge.

Benedikt Böhm


Bene is our brain for the backbone infrastructure. Well known in the RTB-industry for continuously breaking records in performance (quote from integration partner: “One of the best of any of our demand partners that I’ve seen!”). He is responsible for us having the lowest latency and timeout rate currently in the industry plus being able to transfer 5 times higher queries per second – the minimum standards for him. He also takes care of our financials and has implemented tools and processes, which give us all the most transparent and efficient experience we ever had.

Martin Karlsch

Martin Karlsch

Martin is actually the person I have worked with the longest time in my life. He has founded already 4 companies (3 of them in the ad tech area and always being the CTO) and built and managed large developer teams. He is a great entrepreneur (actually I learned a LOT from him) and an incredible super-intelligent developer with deep business sense. I am especially happy, that after so many years working together, he has decided to build a new company with me again.

Dr. Christian “Krille” Wolter

Dr. Christian Wolter

Krille has huge experience in the enterprise area (Ex-SAP. Ex-Bombardier & Ex-Head-of-IT Air Berlin) and was one of the first, who was involved in the discussions of remerge. We want to build a platform, which can be used and integrated to systems and processes of big, listed companies and he is a perfect fit for this challenge.

And we are already growing!


emmanouela Androulaki

Giacomo Vergnano is on board and responsible for the complete remerge design. Also, Emmanouela Androulaki joined remerge just before dmexco and supports us in the Business Development area.
And you?

Everybody, who works at remerge gets company shares. And not as a salary waiver but always on top. We have reserved a lot of shares for future employees, but are very selective. If you want to start or grow your career in an entrepreneurial, rapid-growing, fun environment, send us your application!

Visit our career page at http://remerge.io.


Published at 22. September 2014


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