About Pan

I am a serial entrepreneur specialized in mobile Ad Tech. As Founder & CEO of remerge, I am currently dedicated to fix app retargeting by building an integrated platform with dynamic audience segmentation and scalable programmatic capabilities.

During my young years I studied media computer science in Munich, worked at mobile companies like mindmatics and Telefonica o2 and got my first experience in entrepreneurship by taking over my family’s business (a restaurant) for a short period of time and participated in different business plan contests (the idea was an image search engine for clothes with an affiliate model). I was in contact with the early Berlin startup scene (it was 2008), especially with Jan Beckers, Lukasz Gadowski and Philipp Hartmann. Together, and with the financial support of a couple of mobile industry gurus (it was in the middle of the financial crisis) we founded a company with the idea to build Germany’s biggest and best mobile advertising platform. During a dinner we found a name for it: madvertise.

With Martin Karlsch (CTO), Thomas Hille (CIO), Carsten Frien (CEO) and me (CPO) as the operational founding team we had a heavy tech focus and wanted to revolutionize the mobile advertising market in Germany, which was almost nonexistent in 2008. With simple to understand products like the KatAPPult (a top 25 guarantee in the itunes app store, which won an award and was copied by several other companies in the world) and a strict focus on leveraging smartphone capabilities (which no one did at that time in Germany) we gained great traction.

Soon Earlybird joined the journey (Series A in 2010) and after our internationalization Blumberg Capital (Series B in 2011) came on board. We acquired the Turkish leader Mobilike in 2012 and were the first European company to be integrated with our platform with Google for mobile-only programmatic (real-time-bidding) inventory. We could offer a platform, which was capable to handle the highest number of bid requests per second for mobile display advertising inventory.

During that time I learned tremendously about startup and company life and the amazing advertising ecosystem, plus had the chance to meet so many great and fascinating people. During that growth phase not everything was going onwards easily, we were actually facing a lot of challenges and problems, frustration and anger – and we learned from that.

After almost five years as the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at madvertise, I switched priorities from my career life to my family life. I moved from Berlin to Erlangen and consulted startups and advertising businesses throughout Europe. In February 2014 I moved over to California to focus and start building my new, bigger venture. It was an incredible dynamic and soon we were five Co-Founders backed by top advisors.

We were able to close a rapid financing round with almost 20 startup and advertising experts, while Point Nine Capital did the lead and since then are working heavily to bring the Mobile Advertising space to the next level by leveraging technology to improve the highest ROI-channel: App Retargeting.

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